We enjoy straightforward communication, no beating around the bushes, as we believe this simplifies things a great deal. There are no “stiff” businessmen at Casa de Traduceri, we are all open and enthusiastic linguists. Let us now meet some of them.

If you find yourself liking the inhabitants of Casa de Traduceri maybe you would like to move in, as well! We have a few spare rooms:

It is common knowledge that it is very (damn) hard to keep things simple. That is why we need your help. We would like you to join us, as we are constantly in search of linguists able to keep it simple.
Do you like writing, do you enjoy thinking things through, do you look at a text like a puzzle that needs solving? Do you believe that translation can be a challenging and inventive task? Do you feel responsible to the reader for the translations you deliver?
If so, send us your updated CV at career@casadetraduceri.ro.

Project manager
Do you like to see how your choices constantly impact upon the result of your work? Would you like to be the one deciding how much, how, when and especially who? Then we definitely need your input. Your job would be to gather the client’s requests and reference materials, to put together and coordinate the project team, to set intermediate deadlines and to oversee all project stages. Then you would have to collect the translated materials, to check whether the requirements have been observed and to deliver the translations to the end client. Moreover, you would be responsible for the compliance with the company’s quality policy, the specific requirements of each assignment and for meeting the deadlines. And don’t forget that you should keep things as simple as possible.
Do you think you have what it takes?
If so, send us your updated CV at career@casadetraduceri.ro.