The main menu may sometimes fail to provide us with the specialties we would like. In these cases, we open the pantry door where we always find the right ingredients to put together the desired meal. Here are some of the goodies available in the pantry apart from those in the kitchen:


It is all very simple for the client, as he/she will receive the translation in a format similar to the original one, be it word, excel, powerpoint, pdf, corel, framemaker, quark, indesign, and html.

At CASA DE TRADUCERI things are complex, but not complicated. Each member of the DTP team uses the right computer programs enabling them to insert the translated text into the initial layout of the source document. The pictures, drawing and tables shall be added so that the final document shall look exactly like the original. The quality of the final document is ready-for-print quality.



Our clients sometimes need notarized translations. Very simple: the team of translators working with Casa de Traduceri has been trained to translate official documents and hold the certification of the Ministry of Justice.

Over the past 10 years, Casa de Traduceri has put in place a system enabling us to have the translations notarized by partner notary offices in different cities.

ÎIn Bucharest, we can deliver the notarized translations at the client’s office. In other cities, the clients can pick up the notarized translations at our nearest office.

We know what you’ll say: “Is it that simple?”

Yes, it is