A public speaker needs a really good recipe in order to keep together and motivate a group of people/individuals. The interpreter is the one making sure that the recipe suits the audience’s taste.

Choosing the right words and putting them carefully into sentences happens in real time, so that the speaker and the audience may share the same language code.
The interpretation menu sticks to the classical principles.

Our interpreters work according to Cicero’s rhetoric, using an elegant, simple and easy to understand language that includes both verbal and non-verbal communication. The ingredients they choose suit both the audience’s and the speaker’s taste in order to correctly decipher the messages and create the link between speaker and audience.

And last but not least, as a good cook always needs an equipped kitchen, the interpreters are often assisted by a team of technicians making sure the conference halls are provided with the proper equipment and taking care of all sound-related details. It’s as simple as that.
See here the detailed description of the interpretation services.